A pretty way of stewing Chickens


Take two fine Chickens, Half boil them, then take them up in a Pewter or Silver Dish, if you have one; cut up your Fowls, and separate all the Joint Bones one from another, and then take out the Breast Bones. If there is not Liquor enough from the Fowls add a few Spoonfuls of the Water they were boil’d in, put in a Blade of Mace, and a little Salt; cover it close with another Dish, let it over a Stove or Chaffing-dish of Coals, let it stew till the Chickens are enough, and then send them hot to Table in the same Dish they were stew’d in.

Note, This is a very pretty Dish for any sick Person, or for a lying-in Lady. For Change it is better than Butter, and the Sauce is very agreeable and pretty.

N. B. You may do Rabbits, Partridges, or more Game this Way.