A Goose à la Mode


Take a large fine Goose, pick it clean, skin it, and cut it down the Back, Bone it nicely, take the Fat off, then take a dried Tongue, boil it and peel it: Take a Fowl and do it in the same manner as the Goose, season it with Pepper, Salt, and beaten Mace, roll it round the Tongue, season the Goose with the same, put the Tongue and Fowl in the Goose, and few the Goose up again, in the lame Form it was before; put it into a little Pot that will just hold it, put to it two Quarts of Beef Gravy, a Bundle of Sweet Herbs and an Onion; put some Slices of Ham, or good Bacon, between the Fowl and Goose, cover it close, and let it stew an Hour over a good Fire; when it begins to boil let it do very softly, then take up your Goose and skim off all the Fat, strain it, put in a Glass of Red Wine, two Spoonfuls of Catchup, a Veal Sweetbread cut small, some Truffles, Morels, and Mushrooms; a Piece of Butter rolled in Flour, Pepper and Salt if wanted; put in the Goose again, cover it close, and let it stew Half an Hour longer, then rake it up and pour the Ragoo over it. Garnish with Lemon.

Note, This is a very fine Dish; you must mind to save the Bones of the Goose and Fowl and put them into the Gravy when it is first let on, and it will be better if you roll some Beef Marrow between the Tongue and Fowl, and between the Fowl and Goose, it will make them mellow and eat fine. You may add six or seven Yolks of hard Eggs whole in the Dish, they are a pretty Addition.