Pigeons au Poir


Make a good Force-Meat as above, cut off the Feet quite, stuff them in the Shape of a Pear, roll them in the Yolk of an Egg, and then in Crumbs of Bread; stick a Leg at the Top, and butter a Dish to lay them in; then send them to an Oven to bake, but don’t let them touch each other; when they are enough lay them in a Dish and pour good Gravy thicken’d with the Yolk of an Egg, or Butter rolled in Flour; don’t pour your Gravy over the Pigeons. You may garnish with Lemon. It is a pretty genteel Dish: Or for Change lay one Pigeon in the middle, the rest round, and stewed Spinach between; poached Eggs on the Spinach. Garnish with notched Lemon and Orange cut into Quarters, melted Butter in Boats.