Pigeons in Pimlico


Take the Livers with some Fat and Lean of Ham or Bacon, Mushrooms, Truffles, Parsley and Sweet Herbs; season with beaten Mace, Pepper and Salt; beat all this together with two raw Eggs, put it into the Bellies, roll them in a thin Slice of Veal, and over that a thin Slice of Bacon; wrap them up in white Paper, spit them on a small Spit, and roast them; in the mean time, make for them a Ragoo of Truffles, and Mushrooms chopped small, with Parsley cut small; put to it Half a Pint of good Veal Gravy, thicken’d with a Piece of Butter rolled in Flour; an Hour will do your Pigeons; baste them, when enough lay them in your Dish, take off the Paper and pour the Sauce over them. Garnish with Patties made thus: Take Veal and cold Ham, Beef Sewet, an equal Quantity, some Mushrooms, Sweet Herbs and Spice, chop them small, set them on the Fire, and moisten with Milk or Cream; then make a little Puff Paste, roll it, and make little Patties about an Inch deep and two Inches long; fill them with the above Ingredients, cover them close and bake them; lay fix of them round a Dish. This makes a fine Dish for a first Course.