To dress Partridges à la Braise


Take two Brace, truss the Legs into the Bodies, lard them, season them with beaten Mace, Pepper and Salt, take a Stew-pan, lay Slices of Bacon at the Bottom, then Slices of Beef, and then Slices of Veal, all cut thin, a Piece of Carrot, an Onion cut small, a Bundle of Sweet Herbs, and some whole Pepper; lay the Partridges with the Breast downwards; lay some thin Slices of Beef and Veal over them, and some Parsley shred fine; cover them and let them stew eight or ten Minutes over a very slow Fire, then give your Pan a shake and pour in a Pint of boiling Water; cover it close and let it stew Half an Hour over a little quicker Fire, then take out your Birds, keep them hot, pour into the Pan a Pint of thin Gravy, let it boil till there is about Half a Pint, then strain it off and skim off all the Fat; in the mean time, have a Veal Sweetbread cut small, Truffles, Morels, Cocks Combs, and Fowls Livers stewed in a Pint of good Gravy Half an Hour, some Artichoke Bottoms, and Asparagus Tops, both blanch’d in warm Water, and a few Mushrooms, then add the other Gravy to this, and put in your Partridges to heat; if it is not thick enough take a Piece of Butter rolled in Flour, and toss up in it; if you will be at the Expence, thicken it with Veal and Ham Cullis, but it will be full as good without.