To roast Pheasants


Pick and Draw your Pheasants, and singe them, lard one with Bacon but not the other, spit them, roast them fine, and pepper them all over the Breast; when they are just done flour and baste them with a little nice Butter, and let them have a fine white Froth, then take them up and pour good Gravy in the Dish and Bread Sauce in Plates.

Or you may put Water-Cresses nicely picked and washed, and just scalded, with Gravy in the Dish, and lay the Cresses under the Pheasants.

Or you may make Sellery Sauce, stewed tender, strained and mixed with Cream, and poured into the Dish.

If you have but one Pheasant, take a large fine Fowl about the bigness of the Pheasant, pick it nicely with the Head on, draw it and truss it with the Head turned as you do a Pheasant’s, lard the Fowl all over the Breast and Legs with a large Piece of Bacon cut in little Pieces; when roasted put them both in a Dish, and no Body will know it: They will take an Hour doing, as the Fire must not be too brisk. A Frenchman would order Fish Sauce to them, but then you quite spoil your Pheasants.