A Cullis for all Sorts of Ragoo


Having cut three Pounds of lean Veal, and half a Pound of Ham, into Slices, lay it into the Bottom of a Stew-pan, put in Carrots and Parsnips, and an Onion sliced; cover it, and set it a stewing over a Stove: When it has a good Colour, and begins to stick, put to it a little melted Bacon, and shake in a little Flour, keeping it moving a little while till the Flour is fried; then moisten it with Gravy, and Broth, of each a like Quantity, then put in some Parsley and Basil, a whole Leek, a Bay-leaf, some Mushrooms, and Truffles minced small, three or four Cloves, and the Crust of two French Rolls: Let all this simmer together for three Quarters of an Hour; then take out your Slices of Veal; strain it, and keep it for all Sorts of Ragoos. Now compute the Expence, and see if this Dish cannot be dressed full as well without this Expence.