To Make Strong Fish-Gravy


Take two or three Eels, or any Fish you have, skin or scale them, and gut them and wash them from Grit. Cut them into little Pieces, put them into a Sauce-pan, cover them with Water, a little Crust of Bread toasted brown, a Blade or two of Mace, and some whole Pepper, a few Sweet Herbs, a very little Bit of Lemon-peel; let it boil till it is rich and good, then have ready a Piece of Butter, according to your Gravy; if a Pint, as big as a Walnut. Melt it in the Sauce-pan, then shake in a little Flour, and toss it about till it is brown, and then strain in the Gravy to it. Let it boil a few Minutes, and it will be good.