To Make Orange or Lemon Tarts


Take six large Lemons, and rub them very well with Salt, and put them in Water for two Days, with a Handful of Salt in it; then change them into fresh Water every Day (without Salt) for a Fortnight, then boil them for two or three Hours till they are tender, then cut them into half Quarters, and then cut them thus ∆, as thin as you can; then take six Pippins pared, cored, and quartered, and a Pint of fair Water. Let them boil till the Pippins break; put the Liquor to your Orange or Lemon, and half the Pulp of the Pippins well broken, and a Pound of Sugar. Boil these together a quarter of an Hour, then put it in a Gallipot, and squeeze an Orange in it: If it be Lemon-Tart, squeeze a Lemon; two Spoonfuls is enough for a Tart. Your Patty pans must be small and shallow. Put fine Puff-paste, and very thin; a little while will bake it. Just as your Tarts are going into the Oven, with a Feather, or Brush, do them over with melted Butter, and then lift double refined Sugar over them; and this is a pretty Iceing on them.