A Crawfish Soop


Take a Carp, a large Eel, half a Thornback, cleanse and wash them clean; put them into a clean Sauce-pan, or little Pot, put to them a Gallon of Water, the Crust of a Penny-loaf, skim them well, season it with Mace, Cloves, whole Pepper black and white, an Onion, a Bundle of Sweet Herbs, some Parsley, a Piece of Ginger; let them boil by themselves close covered, then take the Tails of half a hundred Crawfish, pick out the Bag, and all the woolly Parts that are about them, put them into a Sauce-pan, with two Quarts of Water, a little Salt, a Bundle of Sweet Herbs: Let them stew softly, and when they are ready to boil, take out the Tails, and beat all the other Part of the Crawfish with the Shells, and boil in the Liquor the Tails come out of, with a Blade of Mace, till it comes to about a Pint; strain it through a clean Sieve, and add to it the Fish a boiling. Let all boil softly, till there is about three Quarts, then strain it off through a coarse Sieve, put it into your Pot again, and if it wants Salt, you must put some in, and the Tails of the Crawfish, and Lobster. Takeout all the Meat and Body, and chop it very small, and add to it; take a French Role and fry it crisp, and add to it. Let them stew all together for a quarter of an Hour. You may stew a Carp with them; pour your Soop into your Dish, the Role swimming in the Middle.

When you have a Carp, there should be a Role on each Side. Garnish the Dish with Crawfish: If your Crawfish will not lie on the Sides of your Dish, make a little Paste, and lay round the Rim, and lay the Fish on that all round the Dish.

Take care that your Soop be well seasoned, but not too high.