A Muscle Soop

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The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

By Hannah Glasse

Published 1747

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Get a hundred of Muscles, wash them very clean, put them into a Stew-pan, cover them close, let them stew till they open, then pick them out of the Shells, strain the Liquor through a fine Lawn-sieve to your Muscles, and pick the Beard or Crab out, if any.

Take a Dozen Crawfish, beat them to mash, with a Dozen Almonds blanched, and beat fine, and take a small Parsnip and a Carrot scraped, and cut into thin Slices, fry them brown with a little Butter. Then take two Pounds of any fresh Fish, and boil in a Gallon of Water, with a Bundle of Sweet Herbs, a large Onion stuck with Cloves, whole Pepper black and white, a little Parsley, a little Piece of Horse-reddish, and fait the Muscles liquor, the Crawfish and Almonds. Let them boil till half is wasted, then strain them through a Sieve, put the Soop into a Sauce-pan, put in twenty of the Muscles, a few Mushrooms and Truffles cut small, and a Leek washed, and cut very small. Take two French Roles, take out the Crumb, fry it brown, cut it into little Pieces, put it into the Soop, let it boil all together for a quarter of an Hour with the fry’d Carrot and Parsnip; in the mean while take the Crust of the Roles fry’d crisp, take half a hundred of the Muscles, a quarter of a Pound of Butter, a Spoonful of Water, shake in a little Flour, set them on the Fire, keeping the Sauce-pan shaking all the time till all the Butter is melted. Season it with Pepper and Salt, beat up the Yolks of three Eggs put in, stir them all the time for fear of curdling, grate a little Nutmeg; when it is thick and fine, fill the Roles, pour your Soop into the Dish, put in the Roles, and lay the rest of the Muscles round the Rim of the Dish.