A Scate or Thornback Soop


Take two Pound of Scate, or Thornback, skin it and boil it in six Quarts of Water. When It is enough, take it up, pick off the Flesh, and lay it by; put in the Bones again, and about two Pounds of any fresh Fish, a very little Piece of Lemon-peel, a Bundle of Sweet Herbs, whole Pepper, two or three Blades of Mace, a little Piece of Horse-reddish, the Crust of a Penny-loaf, a little Parsley, cover it close, and let it boil till there is about two Quarts; then strain it off, and add an Ounce of Vermicella, set it on the Fire, and let it boil softly. In the mean time take a French Role, cut a little Hole in the Top, take out the Crumb, fry the Crust brown in Batter, take the Flesh off the Fish you laid by, cut it into little Pieces, put it into a Sauce-pan, with two or three Spoonfuls of the Soop, shake in a little Flour, put in a Piece of Butter, a little Pepper and Salt; shake them together in the Sauce-pan over the Fire till it is quite thick, then fill the Role with it, pour your Soop into your Dish, let the Role swim in the Middle, and send it to Table.