To Bake a Carp


Scale, wash, and clean a Brace of Carp very well; take an earthen Pan deep enough to lye cleaverly in, butter the Pan a little, lay in your Carp, season it with Mace, Cloves, Nutmeg, and black and white Pepper, a Bundle of Sweet Herbs, an Onion, an Anchovy, pour in a Bottle of White Wine; cover it close, and let them bake an Hour in a hot Oven if large; if small, a less Time will do them. When they are enough, carefully take them up, and lay them in a Dish; set it over hot Water to keep it hot, aud cover it close; then pour all the Liquor they were baked in, into a Sauce-pan, let it boil a Minute or two; then strain it, and add half a Pound of Butter, rolled in Flour. Let it boil, keep stirring it, squeeze in the Juice of half a Lemon, and put in what Salt you want; pour the Sauce over the Fish, lay the Rows round, and Garnish with Lemon.