To Ragoo Endive


Take some fine White Endive, three Heads, lay them in Salt and Water two or three Hours, take a hundred of Asparagus, cut off the green Heads, chop the rest as far as is tender small, lay it in Salt and Water, take a Bunch of Salary, wash it, and scrape it clean, cut it in Pieces about three Inches long, put it into a Sauce-pan, with a Pint of Water, three or four Blades of Mace, some whole Pepper tied in a Rag, let it stew till it is quite tender; then put in the Asparagus, shake the Sauce-pan, let it simmer till the Grass is enough. Take the Endive out of the Water, drain it, leave one large Head whole, the other pick Leaf by Leaf, put it into a Stew-pan, put to it a Pint of White Wine, cover the Pan close, let it boil till the Endive is just enough, then put in a quarter of a Pound of Butter rolled in Flour, cover it close, linking the Pan when the Endive is enough. Take it up, lay the whole Head in the Middle, and with a Spoon take out the Salary and Grass, and lay round, the other Part of the Endive over that, then pour the Liquor off the Sauce-pan into the Stew-pan, stir it together, season it with Salt, and have ready the Yolks of two Eggs beat up with a quarter of a Pint of Cream and half a Nutmeg grated in. Mix this with the Sauce, keep it Hiring, all one way, till it is thick then pour it over your Ragoo, and send it to Table hot.