To Ragoo Oysters


Take a Quart of the largest Oysters you can get, open them, save the Liquor, and strain it through a fine Sieve; wash your Oysters in warm Water, make a Batter thus: Take two Yolks of Eggs, beat them well, grate in half a Nutmeg, cut a little Lemon peel small, a good deal of Parsley, a Spoonful of the Juice of Spinage, two Spoonfuls of Cream or Milk, beat it up with Flour to a thick Batter, have ready some Butter in a Stew-pan, dip your Oysters one by one into the Batter, and have ready Crumbs of Bread, then roll them in it, and fry them quick and brown; some with the Crumbs of Bread, some without. Take them out of the Pan, and set them before the Fire, then have ready a Quart of Chesnuts shelled and skined, fry them in the Butter; when they are enough, take them up, pour the Fat out of the Pan, shake a little Flour all over the Pan, and rub a Piece of Butter as big as a Hen’s Egg all over the Pan with your Spoon, till it is melted and thick; then put in the Oyster-liquor, three or four Blades of Mace, stir it round, put in a few Pistachoe-nuts shelled, let them boil, then put in the Chesnuts, and Half a Pint of White Wine, have ready the Yolks of two Eggs, beat up with four Spoonfuls of Cream; stir all well together, when it is thick and fine, lay the Oysters in the Dish, and pour the Ragoo over them. Garnish with Chesnuts and Lemon.

You may ragoo Muscles the same way. You may leave out the Pistachoe-nuts if you don’t like them; but they give the Sauce a fine Flavour.