Lent Mince Pies


Six Eggs boiled hard chopped fine, twelve Pippins pared and chopped small, a Pound of Raisins of the Sun stoned, and chopped fine, a Pound of Currans washed, picked, and rubbed clean, a large Spoonfuls of fine Sugar beat fine, an Ounce of Citron, an Ounce of candied Orange, both cut fine, a quarter of an Ounce of Mace and Cloves, beat fine, and a large Nutmeg beat fine; mix all together with a Gill of Brandy, and a Gill of Sack. Make your Crust good, and bake it in a flack Oven. When you make your Pye, squeeze in the Juice of a Seville Orange, and a Glass of Red Wine.