To pot Dripping to fry Fish, Meat, or Fritters, &c.


Take six Pounds of good Beef-dripping, boil it in soft Water, strain it into a Pan, let it stand till cold; then take off the hard Fat, and scrape off the Gravy, which sticks to the Inside. Thus do eight times; when it is cold and hard, take it off clean from the Water, put it into a large Saucepan, with Six Bay-leaves, twelve Cloves, half a Pound of Salt, and a quarter of a Pound of whole Pepper. Let the Fat be all melted and just hot, let it stand till it is hot enough to strain through a Sieve into the Pot, and stand till it is quite cold, then cover it up. Thus you may do what Quantity you please. The best Way to keep any Sort of Dripping is to turn the Pot upside-down, and then no Rats can get at it. If it will keep on Ship-board, it will make as fine Puff-paste Crust, as any Butter can do, or Crust for Puddings, &c.