To make Dumplings when you have White Bread


Take the Crumb of a Twopenny-loaf grated fine, as much Beef-suet shread as fine as possible, a little Salt, half a small Nutmeg grated, a large Spoonful of Sugar, beat two Eggs with two Spoonfuls of Sack, mix all well together, and roll them up as big as a Turkey’s Egg. Let the Water boil, and throw them in, half an Hour will boil them. For Sauce, melt Butter with a little Sack, lay the Dumplings in a Dish, and pour the Sauce over them, and strew Sugar all over the Dish.

These are very pretty either at Land or Sea. You must observe to rub your Hands with Flour when you make them up.

The Portable Soop to carry abroad, you have in the Sixth Chapter.