To make Black Puddings

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The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy

By Hannah Glasse

Published 1747

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First before you kill your Hog, get a Peck of Gruts, and boil them half an Hour in Water, then drain them, and put them into a clean Tub or large Pan, then kill your Hog, and save two Quarts of the Blood of the Hog, and keep stirring it till the Blood is quite cold; then mix it with your Gruts, and stir them well together. Season with a large Spoonful of Salt, a quarter of an Ounce of Cloves, Mace and Nutmeg together, an equal Quantity of each; dry it, and beat it well, and mix in. Take a little Winter-savoury, Sweet Marjoram, and Thyme, and Pennyroyal striped of the Stalks, and chopped very fine, just enough to season them, and to give them a Flavour, but no more. The next Day, take the Leaf off the Hog, and cut into Dice, scrape and wash the Guts very clean, then tye one End, and begin to fill them; mix in the Fat as you fill them, and be sure to put in a good deal of Fat, fill the Skins three Parts full, tye the other End, and make your Puddings what Length you please; then prick them with a Pin, and put them into a Kettle of boiling Water. Boil them very softly an Hour, then take them out and lay them on clean Straw.

In Scotland they make a Pudding with the Blood of a Goose, chop off the Head, and save the Blood; Air it till it is cold, then mix it with Gruts, and Spice, Salt, and Sweet Herbs according to their fancy, and some Beef-suet chopped. Take the Skin of the Neck, pull out the Wind-pipe and Fat, and fill the Skin. Tye it at both Ends; so make a Pye of the Giblets, and lay the Pudding in the Middle.