To make Fine Sausages


Take six Pounds of good Pork, free from Skin and Grisses and Fat, cut it very small, and beat it in a Mortar till it is very fine; shread six Pounds of Beef-suet very fine, free from all Skin; shread it as fine as possible; take a good deal of Sage, wash it very clean, pick off the Leaves, and shread it very fine; spread your Meat on a clean Dresser or Table, and shake the Sage all over, about three large Spoonfuls; shread the thin Rind of a middling Lemon very fine, and throw over, with as many Sweet Herbs, when shread fine, as will fill a large Spoon; grate two large Nutmegs over, throw over two Tea Spoonfuls of Pepper, a large Spoonful of Salt, then throw over the Suet, and mix it all well together. Put it down close in a Pot; when you use them, roll them up with as much Egg as will make them roll smooth. Make them the Size of a Sausage, and fry them in Butter, or good Dripping. Be sure it be hot before you put them in, and keep rolling them about. When they are thorough hot, and of a fine light-brown, they are enough. You may chop this Meat very fine, if you don’t like it beat: Veal eats well done thus, or Veal and Pork together. You may clean some Guts and fill them.