A fine Way to pot a Tongue


Take a dried Tongue, boil it till it is tender, then peel it; take a large Fowl, bone it, and a Goose, bone it; take a quarter of an Ounce of Mace, a quarter of an Ounce of Cloves, a large Nutmeg, a quarter of an Ounce of black Pepper, beat all well together, a Spoonful of Salt, and rub the Inside of the Fowl well, and the Tongue. Put the Tongue into the Fowl, then season the Goose, and fill the Goose with the Fowl and Tongue; and the Goose will look as if it was whole. Lay it in a Pan that will just hold it, melt fresh Butter enough to cover it, send it to the Oven, and bake it an Hour and half; then uncover the Pot, and takeout the Meat. Carefully drain it from the Butter, lay it on a coarse Cloth till it is cold; and when the Butter is cold, take off the hard Fat from the Gravy, and lay it before the Fire to melt, put your Meat into the Pot again, and pour the Butter over. If there is not enough, clarify more, and let the Butter be an Inch above the Meat; and this will keep a great while, eats fine, and looks beautiful. When you cut it, it must be cut cross-ways down through, and looks very pretty. It makes a pretty Corner-dish at Table, or Side-dish for Supper. If you cut a Slice down the Middle quite through, lay it in a Plate, and Garnish with green Parsley and Stertion-flowers. If you will be at the Expence, bone a Turkey, and put over the Goose. Observe, when you pot it, to save a little of the Spice to throw over it, before the last Butter is put on, or the Meat will not be seasoned enough.