Glazed Anise Fingers

Macaroon (mac-ca-roon)


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    2 dozen

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Classic Lebanese Cuisine: 170 Fresh And Healthy Mediterranean Favorites

Classic Lebanese Cuisine

By Kamal Al-Faqih

Published 2009

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These cookies are a combination of three kinds of flour, ground anise seeds, and olive oil shaped into fingers. Deep-fried and glazed, they are absolutely delicious. The crispy outer layer is enhanced by the soft and moist, sweetened center. Serve them with fresh fruit or as an afternoon snack.


Specialty Ingredients

  • Ground mahlab (the pits of black cherries, when dried the beige colored drop-shaped kernels are ground producing a rose-scented powder that is slightly bitter with a faint almond-like taste), ground anise seeds, and semolina, found in specialty markets or online.


Prepare Ahead

The syrup (glaze) can be prepared several days in advance. The fingers can be prepared several days in advance and stored in an airtight container. The raw fingers can be frozen for several weeks. Freeze on a plastic-lined baking sheet, then store in an airtight container. Fry them directly from the freezer, as described.