To Bake a Cured Ham


Soak a half ham or a piece of ham or gammon of 6–8 lb. (3–4 k.) for 6–12 hours. Take it out and dry it. Make a crust with lb. ( k.) flour and water to mix – no fat – and be sure that the dough is fairly stiff, so that it does not pull easily into holes. Cut it in two pieces. Roll out the first about a quarter of an inch thick, into an oblong longer and wider than the ham, and lay the ham on it. Stick the top of the ham all over with cloves about an inch apart. Then spread the ham with golden syrup or brown treacle and then sprinkle with demerara sugar. Roll out the second piece of crust and place this over the ham. Press the crust gently down over the sticky surface, bring the bottom crust up to meet it and seal the two pieces well together, moulding with your hands so that the whole ham is enclosed. Place it on a baking tray and bake in a slow oven for 3 hours (300° F., gas mark 2). Do not let the crust burn, but it does not matter how brown it gets, as it is only to protect the ham. After

hours remove from oven and leave to cool in crust. When cool break off crust and throw away. The ham should be perfectly cooked, firm yet moist and covered with a dark brown glaze from the sugar and treacle. Serve with the cloves in place.

Neat squares of fresh or even well-drained tinned pineapple can be arranged on the ham between the cloves.