3582 Soufflé de Lièvre

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Le Guide Culinaire

By Auguste Escoffier

Published 1903

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Prepare a light Mousseline forcemeat using 400 g (15 oz) flesh of hare; place this mixture in either a buttered Charlotte or soufflé mould, decorated on the bottom and sides with slices of truffle; cook au Bain-marie in a moderate oven.

Meanwhile, cut the minion fillets of the hare into slices and sauté them quickly in butter.

Demould the soufflé on to a round dish, coat it lightly with Sauce Demi-glace flavoured with game Fumet, and surround the base with alternate overlapping slices of truffle and the sautéed minion fillets.

If the soufflé has been cooked in a soufflé mould and is served as it is in the dish, the slices of truffle and minion fillets should be added to the sauce, this being served separately as an accompaniment.

Details of a young hare weighing 2 kg 800 g (6½ lb)

Skin 210 g equal to 7.500 %
Paws 140 g equal to 5.0000 %
Entrails 465 g equal to 16.6000%
Blood 120 g equal to 4.2847 %
Liver 55 g equal to 1.9640%
Lungs and Heart 50 g equal to 1.7850%
Flesh with Bones 1 kg 760 g equal to 62.8653 %
Total: 2 kg 800 g Total: 100.0000 %
Net Weight of Flesh 979.30 g equal to 34.98 %
Weight of Bones and Trimmings 780.70 g equal to 27.88 %
Total: 1 kg 760 g Total: 62.86%
Details of the same hare, skinned and eviscerated
The Hind Part of the Hare cut off at the first rib 700 g equal to 25.00 %
The Trimmed Saddle (420 g) gross 520 g equal to 18.58%
Legs 540 g equal to 19.28 %
Total: 1 kg 760 g Total: 62.86 %