3688 Cailles Richelieu


Select very fresh, plump quails; remove the gizzards, season the inside with a few grains of salt and a few drops of brandy, insert a piece of raw truffle into each and truss them en Entrée.

Arrange in a shallow pan, close to each other and season with a little salt. Cover with a fairly coarse Julienne of carrot, onion and celery cooked in butter and prepared if possible from new season vegetables.

Moisten to just cover with sufficient excellent, gelatinous, amber-coloured veal stock; cover, bring to the boil and allow to poach gently for 12 minutes.

This done, add a Julienne of truffle (raw if possible) of about one-third the quantity of the vegetables and allow to cook for a further 2 minutes.

Arrange the quails in a timbale or deep dish and cover with the cooking liquid and Julienne after first removing all fat.