Saint-Stephen’s Moscovite of Red Currants

Moscovite de Groseilles Rouges à la Semi-Stephen’s


Take one pint of freshly-gathered ripe red currants and one pint of picked raspberries, mix them with half a pound of castor sugar and as much ground clove as represents the weight of four whole cloves, and pound them into a pulp. Dissolve one and a half ounces of Marshall’s Finest Leaf Gelatine in a pint of warm claret, colour it with Marshall’s Liquid Carmine, and mix with the fruit; add a wineglass of Kirsch liqueur or Marshall’s Kirsch Syrup, and rub the whole through a fine hair sieve or tammy cloth; stir the purée on ice till it begins to thicken, pour it into a mould, place this in the charged ice cave for about one and a half hours, then take up, and when ready to serve dip the shape into tepid water and turn out the ice on to a deep dish; serve round it a compote of raspberries prepared, and use for a sweet for dinner or luncheon.