Saint-Malo Bomb

Bombe à la Saint-Malo


Peel and finely slice one pound of good cooking apples, and boil them to a pulp with half a pint of water; add to them six pounded, cooked, or raw ripe peaches, the pulp from two oranges and one lemon; mix with these a quarter-pint of orange flower-water, six ounces of castor sugar, three-quarters of a pint of cold water, a wineglass of Silver Rays (white) rum, a teaspoonful of vanilla essence, a saltspoonful of Marshall’s Apricot Yellow, a teaspoonful of Marshall’s Carmine, and eight drops of almond essence; mix together, and rub it through a very fine hair sieve or tammy, then pour it into the charged freezer and freeze it to the consistency of a thick batter; add to it half a pint of very stiffly-whipped cream, refreeze it and put it into a bomb mould; place this in the charged ice cave for three and a half hours, turning the shape occasionally, then turn out the bomb in the usual way, and serve it on a dish on a paper for dinner or luncheon. Have Aubois sauce handed in a sauce-boat if the ice is to be served for a dinner sweet, but not if it is to be served for dessert.