Banffshire ‘Picking’ Cheese


Heat the milk to 86°F. Add 1 teaspoon rennet to each 2 gallons of milk used. Set aside in a warm place until set into curd. Cut curd into cubes and drain off whey. Leave the curd overnight without salting it. Then break it up and set it outside where it can get really warm in the sun, taking it inside at night; repeat this process of heating for at least 4 days. By this time the curd should have quite a strong smell. If a strong cheese is required, the heating process may be continued for a week. Now add about 1 oz. salt to 3 lb. curd. Pack the salted curd into a mould and press for at least a week. Remove cheese from the mould, bandage it round, and put in an airy place to dry. Turn the cheese daily to ensure all-round drying. The important process in the making of this cheese is the exposure of the curds to heat. If it is not convenient to put curds out of doors, hang a pail of curd under a roof-light, where the heat of the sun is intensified by the glass.