Heat the milk to a temperature of 90°F. Add ½ tablespoon rennet to 9 gallons milk. Pour into curd trays. When the curd sets, break it up with a wire breaker, the proper tool, or a palette knife, and let it stand for 30 minutes. Take off the whey and hang the curds in a cheese-cloth to drip for 1 hour. Then crumble cheese into a mould with the hands (not too finely). Leave to stand for half a day. Then put the curd into a cheese-cloth and return to mould, weight and press. Next morning turn the cheese in the mould and press again. At night, take cheese from mould and put into brine. To make the brine bring enough water to cover the cheese or cheeses to the boil, and add salt until the liquid will float an egg. When it is cold put the cheese in. An 8 lb. cheese should be left in the brine for 3 days, and should be turned night and morning. Put a handful of salt on top of the cheese each time it is turned. When taken out of the brine, put on the storing shelf and turn every day until dry.