Drying Okra

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  • 5 or 6

    good-sized fresh okra ( 5 to 6 ounces ) yield about 3 tablespoons of dried okra powder

Appears in

The Ghana Cookbook

By Fran Osseo-Asare and Barbara Baëta

Published 2015

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Okra can be dried quickly in a microwave or slowly in a low oven. In Ghana, it is usually sundried. Microwaved dehydrated okra preserves more of the ascorbic acid and bright color of fresh okra.


Microwave Method (2450 MHz)

Use only firm, fresh, green okra. Wash the okra, cut off the tips, and slice into rounds about ¼ inch thick. Spread them out evenly on a microwave safe plate and cook on high for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, loosen the okra from the plate with a spatula or your fingers. If the plate in the microwave does not rotate automatically, turn the plate. Microwave on high another minute at a time, for up to 5 more minutes being careful not to burn the okra. If it still bends when pressed, continue microwaving it on a lower heat (level 3 on my microwave) for 1 minute at a time until it is fully dried but not browned. At this point it may be ground in a dry blender, crushed between your fingers, or powdered in a mortar and pestle. Store any extra in the freezer.

Oven Method

Rinse and dry whole okra and place them on racks on a baking sheet in a very low oven (130 degrees F). Let them slow roast overnight or for about 12 hours, depending on the size of the okra.