‘Hindle Wakes’

Mrs. Kate A. Earp (Brighton) who sends this recipe says: ‘We as a family in Lancashire called these fowls “Hindle Wakes” — why I do not know, unless it was, because old hens were sold at the “wakes” (fairs.)’


  • An old boiling fowl
  • prunes 1 lb.
  • lemon juice (2 lemons)
  • brown gravy.


  1. Wash lemon and pare the rind thinly and simmer it gently in ½ pint water for 15 minutes to extract the flavour.
  2. Add to this water the strained juice of the 2 lemons.
  3. Wash the prunes and pour the lemon juice, etc., over them.
  4. Let them soak all night.
  5. Next day stuff an old boiling fowl with the prunes; sew it up.
  6. Steam for 6 or more hours till tender.
  7. Then wrap in bacon fastened with skewer, and roast for one hour, serve with good brown gravy in the making of which use any of the lemon liquor that may not be soaked up.

Time: to steam about 6 hours: to roast 1 hour.