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Good Things in England

by Florence White


A classic that originated in 1932, this unique collection contains 853 regional recipes that date all the way back to England in the 14th century. Florence White, the first freelance food journalist in England, delivers a collection that’s authentic, fresh, and fun to read.

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Good Things in England" is a collection of 853 regional recipes dating back to the C14th. First published in 1932, it was written by Florence White, the country's first ever freelance food journalist, and, like all classic culinary works, it is a pleasure to read. 'A marvellous compendium of recipes' declared Matthew Fort in 'The Guardian.'

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Jonathan Cape
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Peter Ross

Culinary librarian

An important record of home cooking in England across the centuries. White was decades ahead of her contemporaries in wanting to collect 'folk cookery recipes' before they were lost. She is emerging from obscurity as a really important food historian - read her tragically sad autobiography 'A Fire in the Kitchen' too

Regula Ysewijn

Food photographer, writer and graphic designer

She didn't only publish this book, she also published others and founded the English Folk Cookery Association. This book combines the then rather forgotten foods of England and was my first book containing historical recipes. It is therefore also special for personal reasons.

Drew Smith

Author and editor

Before food bloggers there was…Florence who set up the Folk Cookery Association in 1928 and enthusiastically recorded and adapted all manner of recipes that she garnered around England in the ‘20s and ‘30s. A beautiful time capsule

Cheryl Cohen

Farmer's market organizer

For anyone who thought that regional food didn't exist in the UK, Florence White led the way, showcasing the range and diversity of regional specialities in great detail. It’s a joy to read. I love the Persephone books edition.

Geraldene Holt

Professional food writer and broadcaster

Florence White was a pioneer, she compiled her book of historic regional recipes, dutifully dated and attributed, as a result of founding the English Folk Cookery Association - a fascinating read.

Felicity Cloake

Food writer and author

An invaluable resource of traditional recipes, this book is one in the eye to anyone who claims Britain doesn't have an indigenous cuisine.

Robin Harford

Ethnobotanist, forager and creator of Eat Weeds

A classic with recipes going back hundreds of years. The original way we used to cook in Britain including many wild food recipes.

Mary-Anne Boermans

Cookbook author

Lucas Hollweg

Food writer

Kit Chapman