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Per Far Minestra di Tagliatelli

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Great Cooks and Their Recipes

Great Cooks and Their Recipes

By Anne Willan

Published 1977

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Scappi’s pasta dough is exactly the same as that made today, both in ingredients and method. After rolling the dough, he wraps it around the rolling pin so it can be cut across easily at narrow intervals (for noodles) or more widely spaced (for broad pasta such as lasagne). Like Martino, Scappi serves his pasta with sugar, cinnamon, and cheese for sprinkling and he gives no indication whether the pasta should be drained or served in its cooking broth. Nor does he mention draining meat or vegetables, where appropriate, so perhaps he simply assumed the cook knew all about it.

Knead together 2 pounds of fine white flour, 3 eggs and some lukewarm water, mixing them well on a table for the space of a quarter of an hour, and then roll out thinly and leave the pasta to dry for a while, trimming untidy bits at the edge, and when dry, but not too dry as then it would crumble, sprinkle with flour from the sieve to prevent the pasta sticking, and then take the pasta roller [rolling pin] and take one end of the pasta and roll it lightly around the pasta roller, and then slice the rolled up pasta with a broad sharp knife, and when the tagliatelli are cut stretch them out and leave them to dry a while, and when dry cook them in fat broth or with milk and butter, and when cooked serve hot with cheese, sugar, cinnamon, and if you wish to have lasagne, when the pasta is on the pasta roller, divide it across in two pieces, and then cut these into squares, and cook them in hare or crane both, or any meat broth, and serve hot with cheese, sugar, and cinnamon.