Sweet Lassi


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Lassi is a very common drink made of yogurt whisked into water and enjoyed all across North India, but we’re most familiar with this particular version, served in Kathmandu and made with a touch of rose water. One of the difficulties we’ve always had with drinking lassi is that it’s generally made on the spot with local tap water, and while this is fine for everyone who’s accustomed to the water, we usually try to drink only water that has been boiled or filtered.

Nowadays, bottled water is commonly available in many areas throughout the Subcontinent, which is wonderfully handy for travelers. But we don’t like purchasing the blue plastic bottles of water, so we usually buy just two bottles to begin, then reuse them over and over again while we are traveling, using one as a bottle to filter into and one as a bottle to filter from. We use a Katadyne water filter, a Swiss-made filter that we have been taking with us on trips for almost twenty years. It looks like a small bicycle pump, and we pump to draw the water through a ceramic filter. It takes a little work each day if we’re filtering for three or four people, but for only one person traveling, it’s easy.

As far as this particular lassi goes, we first had it because the yogurt shopkeeper in Kathmandu not far from where we were staying used bottled water. Lassi is simple, easy, and great.

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  • 2 cups plain (full-or reduced-fat) yogurt
  • 2 cups water
  • Pinch of salt
  • Sugar to taste
  • ½ teaspoon rose water


Whisk the yogurt and water together in a deep bowl until frothy. Add the salt, sugar, and rose water and beat in. Serve cold over ice.

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