Croustades of Butter with Purée of Game

Croustades de Beurre à la Purée de Gibier


Roll one and a half ounces of fresh butter in some finely sifted flour with the hand, dip it into some well-beaten egg, using the whole egg for the purpose, then roll it in breadcrumbs; repeat this. After having twice egged and bread-crumbed the roll of butter, form it into a cylinder shape, cut a round in one end, then fry in boiling fat till a nice golden colour. The rolls should be fried very quickly, the cut rounds immediately removed, and the butter in the interior part removed, and saved for sauces, &c.; fill these croustades with a purée of game or poultry by means of a pipe and bag, replace the rounds on the tops, arrange on a dish-paper, garnish with fried parsley, and serve one for each person. Make the purée of game as follows: Pound half a pound of any cooked game till quite smooth, add two large tablespoonfuls of brown sauce, and pass it through a coarse hair or a fine wire sieve; put it in a stewpan in the bain marie, and when quite hot fill the croustades.