Fricassée of Broad Beans

Fèves en Fricassée


Take the young beans for this dish; they should be shelled just before cooking. Put them in boiling water, with a little salt and a very tiny bit of soda, a little bunch of herbs, such as thyme, parsley, and bayleaf; cook for fifteen minutes, then strain and take off the outer skins. Boil up half a pint of well flavoured white stock, either from veal, rabbit, or chicken; mix one and three quarter ounces of butter and the same weight of flour together in a stewpan, stir the stock into the pan, and when it boils mix in a good tablespoonful of cream, one raw yolk of egg and the juice of half a large lemon; stir on the stove till it thickens, strain and mix the beans into it; make quite hot and then dish up; garnish with little croûtons cut in the shape of small cutlets and fried in clean fat or clarified butter, and masked over with the yolk of hard boiled egg which has been passed through a wire sieve, and with cooked tongue passed in the same manner; put the croûtons round the beans, and sprinkle the centre of the beans over with a very little chopped parsley or chopped truffle.