Mushroom Catsup

Another Receipt


  • Mushrooms, 1 peck
  • salt, ¾ lb. Liquor to boil, 15 minutes. To each quart, ½ oz.
  • black pepper, ¼ oz.
  • allspice, ½ oz.
  • ginger, 2 blades mace: 20 minutes.


Break a peck of large mushrooms into a deep earthenpan; strew three quarters of a pound of salt amongst them, and set them into a very cool oven for one night, with a fold of cloth or paper over them. The following day strain off the liquor, measure, and boil it for fifteen minutes; then, for each quart, add an ounce of black pepper, a quarter of an ounce of allspice, half an ounce of ginger, and two large blades of mace, and let it boil fast for twenty minutes longer. When thoroughly cold, put it into bottles, cork them well, and dip the necks into melted bottle-cement, or seal them so as to secure the catsup from the air.