Double Mushroom Catsup


  • Mushrooms, 1 gallon
  • salt, 3 oz.
  • mushroom catsup, 1 quart
  • peppercorns, 1 oz.
  • mace, 1 drachm
  • ginger, 1 oz.
  • cayenne, 3 to 4 grains: 15 minutes.


On a gallon of fresh mushrooms strew three ounces of salt, and pour to them a quart of ready-made catsup (that which is a year old will do if it be perfectly good); keep these stirred occasionally for four days, then drain the liquor very dry from the mushrooms, and boil it for fifteen minutes with an ounce of whole black pepper, a drachm of mace, an ounce of ginger, and three or four grains only of cayenne.