Another Good Receipt for Walnut Catsup


  • Walnuts, 100
  • eschalots, ½ lb.
  • garlic, 1 head,
  • salt, ½ lb.
  • vinegar 2 quarts: 10 days.
  • Anchovies, 2 oz.
  • black pepper, 2 oz.
  • mace, ¼ oz.:
  • cloves, ½ oz.: ½ hour.


Beat a hundred green walnuts in a large marble mortar until they are thoroughly bruised and broken, and then put them into a stone jar, with half a pound of eschalots, cut in slices, one head of garlic, half a pound of salt, and two quarts of vinegar; let them stand for ten days, and stir them night and morning. Strain off the liquor, and boil it for half an hour with the addition of two ounces of anchovies, two of whole pepper, half an ounce of cloves, and two drachms of mace; skim it well, strain it off, and when it is quite cold pour it gently from the sediment (which may be reserved for flavouring common sauces) into small dry bottles, secure it from air by sound corking, and store it in a dry place.