Hashed Calf’s Head (Remove)


  • Rich gravy, 1 quart
  • flesh of calf’s head, full lb.
  • wine, and Other seasonings, as for mock turtle soup.


When the whole of this dish has to be prepared, make for it a quart of stock, and proceed in all else as directed for mock turtle soup; but after the head has been parboiled, cut down a full pound and a half of it for the hash, and slice it small and thick, instead of dividing it into dice. Make the brains into cakes, and garnish the dish with forcemeat - balls, rolled in egg, and in the finest bread-crumbs, then fried a delicate brown, and well drained, and dried upon a warm sieve reversed. The wine and other seasonings should be the same as for the soup.

Obs.—The gravy for this should be stewed with ham, eschalots. &e., exactly as for the soup.