Herodotus’ Pudding

A Genuine Classical Receipt


  • one pound of fine raisins
  • half a pound of bread-crumbs
  • four figs chopped small
  • two tablespoonsful of moist sugar
  • two wineglassesful of sherry
  • half large lemon


“Prepare and mix in the usual manner one pound of fine raisins stoned, one pound of minced beef-suet, half a pound of bread-crumbs, four figs chopped small, two tablespoonsful of moist sugar (honey in the original), two wineglassesful of sherry, and the rind of half a large lemon (grated). Boil the pudding for fourteen hours”.

Obs.—This receipt is really to be found in Herodotus. The only variations made in it are the substitution of sugar for honey, and sherry for the wine of ancient Greece. We are indebted for it to an accomplished scholar, who has had it served at his own table on more than one occasion; and we have given it on his authority, without testing it: but we venture to suggest that seven hours would boil it quite sufficiently.