Very Fine Gooseberry Jam


  • Seeded gooseberries, 4 lbs.
  • juice of gooseberries, 2 lbs.:25 minutes.
  • Sugar, 5¾ lbs.(or 14 oz. to each pound of fruit and juice): 12 to 15 minutes.


Seed the fruit, which for this jam may be of the larger kind of rough red gooseberry: those which are smooth skinned are generally of far inferior flavour. Add the pulp which has been scooped from the prepared fruit to some whole gooseberries, and stir them over a moderate fire for some minutes to extract the juice; strain and weigh this; pour two pounds of it to four of the seeded gooseberries, boil them rather gently for twenty-five minutes, add fourteen ounces of good pounded sugar to each pound of fruit and juice, and when it is dissolved boil the preserve from twelve to fifteen minutes longer, and skim it well during the time.