Jelly of Ripe Gooseberries



  • Juice of red gooseberries, 3 lbs.
  • juice of White currants, 1 lbs.:15 minutes.
  • Sugar, 2 lbs.:6 minutes.


Take the tops and stalks from a gallon or more of any kind of well-flavoured ripe red gooseberries, and keep them stirred gently over a clear fire until they have yielded all their juice, which should then he poured off without pressing the fruit, and passed first through a fine sieve, and afterwards through a double muslin-strainer, or a jelly-bag. Next weigh it, and to every three pounds add one of white currant juice, which has previously been prepared in the same way; boil these quickly for a quarter of an hour, then draw them from the fire and stir to them half their weight of good sugar; when this is dissolved, boil the jelly for six minutes longer, skim it thoroughly, and pour it into jars or moulds. If a very large quantity be made, a few minutes of additional boiling must be given to it before the sugar is added.

Obs.โ€”The same proportion of red currant juice, mixed with that of the gooseberries, makes an exceedingly nice jelly.