Gooseberry Paste


  • Pulp of gooseberries, 4 lbs.:1ΒΌ to 1ΒΎ hour.
  • Sugar, 1Β½ lbs.: 20 to 25 minutes.


Press through a sieve the gooseberries from which the juice has been taken for jelly, without having been drained very closely from them; weigh and then boil the pulp for upwards of an hour and a quarter, or until it forms a dry paste in the pan; stir to it, off the fire, six ounces of good pounded sugar for each pound of the fruit, and when this is nearly dissolved boil the preserve from twenty to twenty-five minutes, keeping it stirred without cessation, as it will be liable to burn should this be neglected. Put it into moulds, or shallow pans, and turn it it out when wanted for table.