Good Scottish Shortbread

20 minutes or more.


  • Flour, 1 lbs.
  • sugar, 2 oz.
  • candied orange or citron, 1 oz.
  • butter, 8 to 9 oz.:


With one pound of flour mix well two ounces of sifted sugar, and one of candied orange-rind or citron, sliced small; make these into a paste with from eight to nine ounces of good butter, made sufficiently warm to be liquid; press the paste together with the hands, and mould it upon tins into large cakes nearly an inch thick, pinch the edges, and bake the shortbread in a moderate oven for twenty minutes, or longer, should it not be quite crisp, but do not allow it to become deeply coloured.

Obs.β€”This, to many persons, is a very indigestible compound, though agreeable to the taste.