Pig Jowl, Raw Bug, Radicchio Heart


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By Ben Shewry

Published 2012

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What happens to all of the outer leaves of vegetables? When I buy a lettuce or cabbage at a greengrocer’s I often think where is the rest of it? It’s as if the lettuce magically grew like that out in the field, with no green outer leaves. When I buy a vegetable I want the whole plant. Even the roots. If we are creative in our cooking, we can find a delicious way of using every single part of the plant — I believe this will be an important part of the future of food. It takes so much energy and hard work to grow our produce and right now we are wasting large volumes of edible ingredients. For me the most delicious part of a cauliflower is the stalk — peel away the tough outer skin and a tender, juicy and crisp interior is revealed. It’s an uncomfortable fact that there is far too much food wastage in our society. I don’t think we will have that luxury in the future. Here in this dish I use radicchio hearts but I also juice the outer leaves of the radicchio.

To Finish

  • 12 pieces wild sea lettuce
  • 12 pieces brown algae
  • 20 ml (¾ fl oz) dashi vinegar

When ready to serve, season the pig jowl on both sides and caramelise in a hot non-stick frying pan.

Place a small spoonful of the bull kelp emulsion just off centre on each plate. Place the jowl portions over the emulsion. Place the radicchio hearts on the plates. Dress the plates with the radicchio heart cooking glaze and lightly dress the outer part of the hearts with the radicchio leaf distillation.

Place the raw bug meat elegantly around the plates, with a little bull kelp emulsion and the wild sea lettuce and brown algae. Finish with a few drops of dashi vinegar.

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