Peppered Dried Figs

This is from Rosemary Barron’s inspiring book Flavours of Greece. Semi-dried figs are rolled in cracked black peppercorns and layered with fresh bay leaves in a glass jar. The combination of pungent, crunchy black pepper and delectably sweet, sticky figs is excellent. Try them in savoury and sweet dishes – with Parma ham, as part of a meze, baked in crisp filo pastry or served as a sweetmeat at the end of a festive meal.


  • semi-dried figs 24
  • black peppercorns 4 tbsp, cracked and sieved
  • fresh bay leaves 12–18


Trim the fig stems if necessary. Gently roll each fig in the cracked pepper to coat.

Cover the bottom of a glass jar with a few of the bay leaves, then make alternate layers of figs and bay leaves, finishing with a layer of leaves.

Gently press down on the leaves with the palm of your hand to remove any air pockets. Cover the surface with cling film, then tightly seal the jar.

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