1. Line a 7-in. (18 cm) charlotte ring with a strip of acetate coated with wood-grain chocolate. Set the ring on a cake card.
  2. Place a disk of genoise sponge in the base of the ring. (Note: The sponge circles may be cut from a thin sheet of sponge or cut horizontally from a thicker sponge layer.)
  3. Brush the sponge with coffee syrup.
  4. Fill the ring halfway with praline cream.
  5. Top with a second sponge layer and press down gently and evenly. Brush the sponge with coffee syrup.
  6. Fill the ring to the top with vanilla cream. Smooth with a palette knife. Chill until firm.
  7. Add the coffee extract to the marble glaze and swirl in lightly. Spread over the surface of the cake, swirling to give a marbled pattern. Chill well.
  8. Remove the ring and peel away the acetate. Neaten the edge of the glaze with a small knife.
  9. Decorate the top of the cake with a chocolate fan dusted with confectioners’ sugar, a few chocolate cigarettes, and caramelized hazelnuts.