Tourain aux Tomates

Clear Tomato Soup


Cut in quarters eight tomatoes, one onion in thin slices, fry these in pork fat for a few minutes; add a pint and a half of hot water, salt and pepper (a good deal of pepper); bring to the boil and keep simmering till the tomatoes are well cooked. Pass through a sieve, throw in some vermicelli and cook again for five or six minutes.

This is the traditional soup which, even now in all the PĂ©rigord, is offered to husband and wife on their wedding night. Ă  large tureenful is brought to them in great state (and with a good deal of noise) by the neighbouring peasants, usually a few hours after the bride and bridegroom have retired. They eat it in bed; the guests watch them and finish the rest. It seems more sensible than many other old customs, such as for instance throwing rice (uncooked) at them in the street.