Pickled Carrots

With Ginger and Cumin


These are very popular when I serve them at events as I keep the carrots whole with a bit of the green stalk so you can just pick them up in your fingers and munch. Crunchy and sweet with the ginger and cumin making their delightful presence on the palate, these were created for my whisky events as they complement the spice notes of many malts and blends. When I can I use my own garden carrots, which are never very long or fat; otherwise I source small, thin whole ones. If you can’t find any like that, then you can use the regular thick carrots but quarter them lengthways.


  • roughly 1.5 kg/3lb 5 oz whole carrots, peeled and stalks trimmed
  • 850 ml/ pints white wine or cider vinegar
  • 350 g/12 oz soft brown sugar
  • 1–2 tablespoons cumin seeds
  • 1–2 tablespoons ground ginger
  • sea salt


Place the carrots in a big bowl and sprinkle them with salt. Cover and leave for at least six hours or overnight, then rinse, drain and pat dry.

Heat the vinegar and sugar with the cumin seeds and ginger and bring it almost to the boil, stirring all the time. Turn off the heat and slip all the carrots into the pickling liquid, making sure they are all just covered (if you have used large carrots and quartered them, they will vary in size, so you will have to judge if they can all be added to the liquid or not). Cover the carrots and leave them to cool.

Pop the carrots into a large sterilised storage jar and pour in the liquid. These will keep in the fridge for months but you can start to enjoy them after several days.